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Each member of our team can tell their own story on why cannabis is their choice.
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Meet the Team

Stan Swiatek

Principal CEO
As one of the most pioneered influential leaders in the Canadian cannabis industry, Stan has an unrelenting desire to continue to revolutionize this thriving sector. From his beginnings as an original founder and former CEO of one of the country’s leading producers, Sundial Growers, Stan has been involved with federal, provincial, and industry stakeholders in guiding early cannabis policy and creating the framework for what is now Canadian cannabis regulation and legislation. With a passion for educating and challenging common misconceptions, Stan is dedicated to seeing the cannabis culture and legacy roots continue to flourish while integrating it with the legal industry. He does this while maintaining the utmost respect for cannabis quality and integrity and creating lasting relationships in Canada’s legal market between producers and consumers alike.

Amanda Daas

President of Sales & Marketing
Amanda’s deep appreciation for the medicinal properties of Cannabis began after being diagnosed with a life threatening illness at a young age. It didn’t take long for her to look for alternative solutions beyond opioids and discover the incredible healing benefits of cannabis. Amanda’s years of gaining knowledge about the intricacies and strains of the plant is what led her to pursue a career in the legal cannabis industry where she could help others struggling while providing consistency and quality products along the way. Now, with over 10 years experience in building sales and marketing teams, Amanda is skilled at creating exceptional brands through strong engagement with both retailers and consumers in the rapidly changing cannabis industry. Her vision is rooted in developing and pursuing strategies focused on achieving measurable sales objectives that develop long-term value, all while keeping the love of the planet and her humble beginnings at the forefront.

Jaret Moch

General Manager
Jaret brings over 20 years experience in logistics and manufacturing management to Choice Growers from previous roles at TransX (Operations Manager), Star Produce (Director of Logistics) and Galaxy Processing (General Manager). In addition to a degree in supply chain management, Jaret was a guest speaker at the ASQ World Conference presenting on Leadership Transformation and a 2012 Gold Medal recipient of Strategic Lean Implementation Strategies. Jaret is focused on improving and creating efficiencies of Choice Growers operations as they ramp up to full production in 2020.

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